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Analog 1970s Fiction Index

April 29, 2011
Integrating the New Wave with Analog rivets

Vincent diFate's cover art for Roger Zelazny's "Home Is The Hangman"

Analog maintained a regular monthy schedule throughout the 1970s (as indeed it had from 1935 and would continue to do so until 1996) so an index for this decade is extremely long. What follows is the fiction index and a list of cover art credits. (more…)

Missing List 1 – Isaac Asimov

April 16, 2011

In Volume Two of his “History of the Science Fiction Magazine”, Michael Ashley stated that the checklists of ten influential writers from the period (April 1936 – March 1946) had to be omitted for reasons of space. One such author would surely have had to be Isaac Asimov. In this period he not only published “Nightfall” but many of his Positronic Robot and Foundation stories first appeared. Anyway, here is the checklist: (more…)