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The Jovian System in Space 1889

August 13, 2011

Role-Playing In a More Civilised Time
The official Space 1889 universe consists of Mercury, Venus, Earth, the Moon and Mars. It is stated in the official rules that the solar boilers that power the ether ships do not work due to being too far from the Sun when the ships get much beyond Mars. However,it occurred to me that an exploratory vessel with a secondary power system with its own fuel supply might make through the Asteroid Belt to the Jovian System, particularly with the invention of the steam turbine in the 1890s. In our world Sir Charles Parsons built the SS Turbinia and disrupted the Spithead Review in 1894. In the Space 1889 Universe he could have followed that up with a trip to Jupiter. (more…)

Cthulhu Mythos Beings In Other Campaign Worlds

November 19, 2010

Like, I suspect, more than one fantasy Games Master, it occurred to me to introduce Call of Cthulhu monsters into my campaign. Eventually I did so. This post gives some details about how I did so. It is a bit RQ3 specific because that is the system I used but I hope it will still be useful to GMs of other systems. (more…)