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Argos Index

June 12, 2011

The final issue

Argos was a short lived (3 issues) magazine that appeared in 1988. It ought to have been successful: it featured some big-name writers – Larry Niven, Keith Laumer, John Brunner, Janet Morris and Mike Resnick (who had a story in every issue). It is always difficult for a new magazine to gain prominence on news-stands and this may have been part of the problem.

The rather amateurish cover for issue 1 probably did the magazine no favours either. Later covers were better and in my view the best was Deborah Skilton’s illustration for Jack Lovejoy’s “The Gatekeeper” that graced the final issue.

Issues 2 & 3 featured a non-fiction column by Keith Laumer and Issue 3 added a multi-author book review column. (more…)

Analog 1970s Non-Fiction Index

June 9, 2011

Non-Fiction sometimes made the cover

Here as promised is the 1970s non-fiction index for Analog.

The articles were a varied bunch, from popular science through speculation to what is now frequently termed woo. I have also included the editorials, which were articles in their own right. Ben Bova introduced a policy of publishing some guest editorials, which are so marked under the authors’ listings.

Also included are the book review columns which appeared in almost every issue. (more…)