The Cat Who Could Walk Through Time


This is one of a possible series of short articles about weird events I see reported in the press that likely have a simple, rational explanation but could be due to something more exotic that will fit into a gaming world. This one involves a possible time-travelling cat.

The story from the 15 February METRO involves a cat which went missing for three and a half years before his owners found him on a rehoming website:

Malcolm and Anita Lucas thought their pet Thomas was dead after neighbours said he’d been run over by a bus so were left amazed when he turned up on an RSPCA rehoming website years later.

“We had given up all hope,” said father of six Mr Lucas, 44, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. “We thought he was dead.

“We went online to find a replace-ment and we knew straight away it was him. His crooked tail and the scar on his ear gave him away.”

At the RSPCA rescue centre, they called the pet and he responded to his name, despite not having seen them for so long. Rescue staff had named him Sparky but he did not react to that, said Mr Lucas.

Thomas disappeared in 2007 and was found limping and covered in oil by the RSPCA last August.

So. He remembered his name after three and a half years. Is that likely? And note that he was covered with oil and limping when the RSPCA found him, indicating an encounter with a road vehicle. Now Thomas could just have been unlucky and had another close shave just before he was found. Or it could be that the limp and the oil were due to his encounter with the bus and no time had elapsed for him at all.

How Newcastle buses are causing holes in the space-time continuum is left as an excercise for the GM.

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