Argos Index


The final issue

Argos was a short lived (3 issues) magazine that appeared in 1988. It ought to have been successful: it featured some big-name writers – Larry Niven, Keith Laumer, John Brunner, Janet Morris and Mike Resnick (who had a story in every issue). It is always difficult for a new magazine to gain prominence on news-stands and this may have been part of the problem.

The rather amateurish cover for issue 1 probably did the magazine no favours either. Later covers were better and in my view the best was Deborah Skilton’s illustration for Jack Lovejoy’s “The Gatekeeper” that graced the final issue.

Issues 2 & 3 featured a non-fiction column by Keith Laumer and Issue 3 added a multi-author book review column.


John Brunner
The Mark And The Card_______________Spring 1988

Greg Cox
Fortress Memory_____________________Summer 1988

Thomas A. Easton
The Tree___________________________Summer 1988

Ru Emerson
A Golden Net For Silver Fishes__________Winter 1988

Bruce Fergusson
A Beast In The Ruins__________________Winter 1988

Dean R. Lambe
Notice To Leave______________________Spring 1988

Keith Laumer
A Report on the Q Effect_______________Summer 1988

Jack Lovejoy
The King of Kings_____________________Winter 1988
The Gate Keeper_____________________Summer 1988

Diane Mapes
The Huntress________________________Winter 1988
Control Pi___________________________Summer 1988

Chris Morris
Battle For The Plain Of Just Desserts
(/Janet Morris)___________________Spring 1988

Janet Morris
The Best Of The Achaeans______________Winter 1988
Battle For The Plain of Just Desserts
(/Chris Morris)__________________Spring 1988

Larry Niven
The Tale Of The Jinni and the Sisters______Winter 1988

Mike Resnick
Death Is An Acquired Trait______________Winter 1988
The Crack In The Cosmic Egg___________Spring 1988
The Inn of the Hairy Toad_______________Summer 1988

Michael Scanlon
Treed_____________________________Winter 1988

Elizabeth Scarborough
An Invitation to the Great White North_____Spring 1988

David R. Silas
Dragon Time_______________________Winter 1988

Nancy Springer
Crib Death_________________________Spring 1988

Jay Sullivan
The Skullys_________________________Summer 1988

Keith Taylor
The Harvest Of Malice_________________Spring 1988

Holly Wade
Fabulous Monster_____________________Winter 1988


David Plummer
Spring 1988 for “The Harvest of Malice”

Marjett Schille
Winter 1988

Deborah Skilton
Summer 1988 for “The Gatekeeper”

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