The Saga of Felimid the Bard


These are a series of fantasy novelettes by the Australian writer Dennis Morethat might be of use to a GM setting a campaign during the period of Anglo-Saxon settlement in southern Britain.

The main character is the Erinian bard Felimid mac Fal who wanders through early Sixth Century southern Britain. The historical setting is fairly well realised and historical characters make their appearance.  In the fourth, Felimid and members of Count Artorius’ war band hunt for buried treasure left by a merchant fleeing the Jutish incursion.

These are fantasies and magic is there as well. Cerdic’s Hall is roofed with the scales of a dragon and the entrance is via the dragon’s skull. Felimid is hunted by the Jutish werewolf Tosti and he himself possesses the legendary skills of Celtic bards.

The saga appeared in Fantastic Stories as follows:

Fugitives In Winter………….October 1975

The Atheling’s Wife…………..August 1976

The Forest of Andred………..November 1976

Buried Silver……………………February 1977


“The Forest of Andred” should be read after “Fugitives In Winter” as events in the latter follow immediately on from those on the former. The editorial blurb for “The Atheling’s Wife” claims hat this is the direct sequel but this is incorrect. One suspects that editor Ted White had received both stories at once but his instructions as to which should be printed when got mixed up.

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